5 Fun Games to Learn English Without Even Realizing


Want to know a mind-blowing secret to learn English? Games aren’t only for children. Want to know another secret? Games can be a remarkable and effective tool that adult English learning students can often play to enhance their fluency in the subject and write an exceptional English papers.

And there exists so many out there!

From computer games to board games, there’s something for every kid at heart.

So, are you ready to learn English with games and become fluent the fun way?

Learn English with games and become fluent the fun way

Word Whomp

If the words of the best English assignment help stalwarts are anything to go by, this remarkable game helps you practice your English writing and spelling skills. In this game, you will be given six letters and need to figure out how many words can be spelled with those letters.

You will have two and a half minutes to define each word. However, the game will end if you guess too many incorrect words.

This game might be pretty challenging for new language learners. However, this can be a fun way to enhance your English vocabulary with some practice.

Greek To Me

If you struggle with English learning, then it is wise to give this popular game a try. Greek to Me offers you the brilliant opportunity to learn more about English roots (the word elements, usually from Latin or Greek, that English words were created from). For every question, you’ll be shown a root word and an English word with the root. You’ll require guessing the meaning of the English word.

After playing this game, you’ll begin recognizing common root words. This can be incredibly helpful as you won’t simply learn the words from the game but will also start comprehending other words with the same, root-especially if you do not know them.


This is a classic party game and is outstanding for practicing English too! On a stack of cards or slips of paper, write down the vocabulary you aim to remember- verbs and nouns work well for this game. Mix up the pieces and take turns to act out a word each while the other people in the group try to guess the word you are acting.


Rewordable is an outstanding card game that teaches you to recognize and spell English words. There are almost 120 cards in the deck, and each incorporates a letter or letter combination. You can use these cards in your hand to spell the words. You can also steal or build off other players’ words.

This game may seem challenging, but after playing a couple of rounds, you’ll begin to understand how to play. This can be a fast-paced way to enhance your fluency and expand your English vocabulary effectively.


A close look at   forums will help you understand that akin to a crossword puzzle, Bananagrams is another game that lets you practice spelling English words. This game is played by numerous people. Begin using these letters to develop connecting words. Once you use all of your letters, start shouting ‘peel’! Every player must now take another tile from the pile.

This game allows you to practice reading, spelling, and writing English words successfully.

Two Truths & One Lie

In this game, every student must write three statements about themselves on a piece of paper. Among them, two must be true, and one should be a lie. Students must go through their three statements, and their classmate needs to question them to try to determine which statement is a lie.

So, are you all ready to play your way to fluency? Host a language-learning party or turn on your computer. There are countless different games you can use to enhance your fluency. Have fun, and start working on your English language today!


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