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Empower Markets understands that competitive swap rates are important to any trader.

Get Competitive Forex Swap Rates

At Empower Markets, we offer among the most competitive swap rates in the industry. What this means is that when you keep positions open overnight.

You don’t need to worry about the overnight/rollover fee eating into your earnings.

Find Out More Rollover Fee 

To find out the rollover fee, just use the handy forex swap rates calculator, on MetaTrader 5.

Simply choose the financial instrument which you intend to hold an overnight position, fill in the currency and trade size and click on “Calculate.” Streamline your process and manage your strategies. Leave the manual calculations to us.

Empower Makets all-in-one Empower Makets calculator which allows you to calculate all the important parametres of your trade including:

  • Pip value
  • Contract size
  • Swap rate
  • Margin and potential gain across all trading instruments.

What You Should Know about Forex Swap Rates ?

The swap charges in forex or rollover interest rates is the net interest return that a trader accumulates on a currency position held overnight. This fee is charged when the trader borrows one currency to buy another, as part of forex trading.

  • Swap rates are applied at 00:00 platform time
  • Swaps are applied each night on open positions only
  • Swap rates are calculated in points and can be positive or negative depending on the interest rate difference of the two currencies
  • Some forex pairs could have negative swap rates on both long and short positions
  • Swap rates are calculated in points. MT4 and 5 convert these points automatically into your account currency
  • The rates are triple the usual amount on Wednesday nights, to account for the weekend
  • Each forex pair has its own rollover fee, which is measured in the standard size of one lot or 100,000 units

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What Are Forex Swap Rates ?

Buying EUR/USD, you might borrow in US Dollars and buy Euros with the amount. In doing so, you will need to pay interest on the borrowed US Dollars and earn interest on the Euros you bought.

  • The current interest rate differential between two currenciese
  • Currency pair price fluctuations
  • Behaviour of the forward market
  • Swap points of the counterparty
  • Position of the liquidity provider in the market hierarchy
  • Difference between forex swaps for long and short positions

How Does a Forex Swap Work?

When traders make a deal to buy or sell a currency, they commit themselves to making the final payments on the “value date.” The settlement is carried out within two working days of the transaction in the spot market. When the position remains open and is rolled over to the next day, it means that the value date shifts to a day ahead.

The corresponding volumes of currencies in the trade are borrowed and lent from the interbank market, at the current credit interest and deposit rates. So, the gains from lending and the cost of borrowing are transferred to the trader by their broker. Either the position gets re-opened automatically, at a new value date, adjusted to swap rate and a new price, or the swap is credited to or debited from the trader’s account, while the position is left with the previous price.

Swaps Points

Swap charges are subject to change, Clients are requested to check the platform for the latest swap rates.

Symbol Long Short
AUDCAD -0.24 -2.18
AUDCHF 1.01 -3.25
AUDJPY 0.08 -2.06
AUDNZD -1.70 -0.97

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